The Challenge

When a list must allow users to Create entries but then only see their own entries, but the users who need to approve it need to see only the ones they are assigned, it gets interesting.

Lists with Advanced Settings Read Access enabled provides the first requirement easily enough. However, this now blocks other users from accessing it unless they have Design level permissions on the List. We don’t want to assign that level of permissions to the entire list to the Approving individuals.

This is where the Flow task named “Grant access to an item or a folder” was helpful. However, the default Roles made available were only “Can edit” or “Can view”, otherwise “Enter a custom value”. Turns out you can enter a custom value but not simply type “Design” but rather using the Role ID. This can be found using the instructions here: Microsoft Docs

Now the Approver, in the case the Dept Chair, has Design permissions for this item within the list, allowing them to see it in the list or in my case the PowerApp form used for Approval.


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